About Artist

  My name is Svetlana Hagebusch. I'm originally from Ukraine and now living in Fort Worth, Texas since 1999.

As a little girl ,I dreamed about being a famous artist. I wanted people to admire my painting skills and my spirit of creative artistry. I grew up around the beautiful scenery of the Carpathian Mountains and various types of regional folk art inspired my artwork. This allowed me to develop and display my artistic skills to people.I graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Ukraine where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Artistic Sculpture and Metalwork. 

   Additionally, I had completed my training in computer graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at Tarrant County Community College.

  I worked as an artist and designer in Ukraine for many years and continued my art career in Texas by working for Summit Tile Group LLC company where I created and designed custom Tumbled Marble Tile Murals for commercial and residential tile companies.  I have over 30 years of experience. I had also previously taught acrylic classes at Piece of Work in Fort Worth, TX. I enjoy teaching others how to paint in a group or individual setting and makes painting easy and fun. 

  My work has been on display in various Art shows around the US, and I had donated my artwork to local churches and schools. 

  Please visit my website www.murals-by-svetlana.com to inspire you with the accomplishment of professional work and designs.